Dare with the colossus of Ancares?

The Puerto of Ancares is located just 11 km from the hotel. We recommend you several routes popularized by the Vuelta Ciclista to enjoy with friends, suffering quietly, surrounded by nature with spectacular views.

O Portelo — A Campa do Cameal

Distance: 11,9 km. Ramp: 622m. % Average: 5,23%. Altitude: 1259m. Coefficient: 118


Sierra Morela

Distance: 10,2 km. Ramp: 645m. % Average: 6,32%. Alitud: 950m. Coefficient: 126


Ancares through Piornedo

Distance: 23,6 km. Ramp: 1094m. % Average: 4,64%. Altitude: 1669m. Coefficient: 293


Ancares through Balouta

Distance: 20 km. Ramp: 1169m. % Average: 5,85%. Altitude: 1669m. Coefficient: 313


Ancares through Tejedo

Distance: 8 km. Ramp: 704m. % Average: 8,80%. Altitude: 1669m. Coefficient: 250


Ancares through Pan do Zarco

Distance: 15,4km. Ramp: 1169m. % Average: 7,59%. Altitude: 1669m. Coefficient: 367


Source: Pedalier magazine and APM